Photography Training Class

Aims And Objectives Of National Photographic And Tourism Society Of Pakistan

  • To Develop And Encourage Photography And Its Allied Activities.
  • To Arrange Lectures And Demonstrations. Online And Physical Classes To Provide A Complete Photography Education To All.
  • To Organize Photo Walks On Weekends And Holidays Aiming To Capture And Document Nature, Heritage, City Culture, Festivals And Specific Events Of Interest To Photography.
  • The Aim Of The Society Is To Harmonize All Ideas And Conduct Photo Walks And Other Photography Related Events With A Broader Perspective
  • To Conduct Periodical Exhibitions, Meets And Thereby Bringing Together People Of The Same Ideology For The Common Cause Of Promoting Photography As An Art Form.
  • To Build Around The Objective Of Photography, Various Other Activities Around Photography Including Travel To Places Of Interest, Bringing Out Desk Calendars, Conduct Meet Ups To Share The Knowledge Etc.
  • To Organize Trips With Photography As The Primary Activity.
  • To Organize Various Workshops And Talks On The Subject Of Photography.
  • To Promote, Develop, Preserve, And Protect The Art Of Photography.
  • To Help, Encourage And Undertake Various Types Of Programs At Different Level, Which Will Create Awareness Among The General Public On Themes Of National Interest.
  • To Provide A Forum For The Open Discussion Of Matters Of Public Interest, In The Cause Of Upliftment Of Society And To Awake Integrity And Brotherhood.
  • To Make The Enjoyment Of Photography Accessible To A Wider Community.
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