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Dr. Zia-al-Hassan

Dr. Zia-al-Hassan

Dr. Zia-al-HassanAs a photographer, I have a deep-seated passion for capturing the beauty and emotion of life through the lens of my camera. I am constantly inspired by the world around me and driven to preserve its fleeting moments in time. Photography allows me to express myself creatively and to connect with people on a deeper level. I am drawn to the challenge of capturing the essence of my subjects and telling their stories through my images. Whether it’s capturing the pure joy of a wedding day or the rugged beauty of a landscape, I am always seeking to create powerful, timeless photographs that evoke emotion and inspire others. Photography is more than just a hobby for me, it’s a true passion that has the power to move and touch people in ways words cannot.

As a photographer, capturing moments and preserving memories is what drives me. It is not just about taking a picture, but about telling a story and freezing a moment in time that can be treasured for a lifetime. The thrill of capturing the perfect shot, the emotion in the eyes of my subjects, and the way light and shadows interact, all come together to create a work of art. Photography allows me to express myself in a unique and creative way, and it is an art form that allows me to bring my own vision to life. Whether it’s capturing the beauty of nature, the love between two people, or a simple still life, every photo has the potential to evoke emotions and memories that will last forever. That’s why I am a photographer – to create timeless pieces of art and to freeze moments in time.

I Established My Own Company “Pak Eagle Enterprises” Officially In 2006. At Pak Eagle Enterprises (PakEagle.Com) We Provide Web Hosting, Web Development, Software Development, Distance Learning Facilities, Forex Training And Much More. Photography Is Not Only My Hobby But I Also Inherited It From My Father. After Buying My First DSLR, I Got Photography Training From Many Photography Teachers And I Have Been Teaching Photography Since 2010. I Am A Network Engineer By Profession And Photography Is My Only Hobby.

Name: Dr. Zia-al-Hassan
Cell No. 0300-6561240
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