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Photography Experts Course In Urdu In Pakistan
Mastering Photography Exposure
Complete Course On Mastering DSLR Camera From Zero To Expert Level

Complete Photography Course In Urdu In Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Rawalpindi, (Online Live Classes)

More Than 1000+ Slides To Explain All Key Concepts Online

Complete DSLR Photography Training In Urdu - Complete Photography Course In Urdu

Complete Course Outline is Available Below. Call Now To Join The Classes Now +92-300-6561240

In Collaboration With Nikon School Pakistan, Canon School Pakistan, PakEagle.Com And National Photographic Society Of Pakistan

Mastering Photography Exposure


Learn Photography With Practical Photography Classes

Whether You Want To Become A Professional Photographer Or Simply Enhance Your Basic Skills In Photography, National Photographic Society's Urdu Photography Classes Can Help You With Practical Photography Classes.


Who Enrolls In This Urdu Photography Course ?

  • People Who Want To Become A Professional Photographer
  • People Who Want To Earn Money As A Freelance Photographer.
  • Amateur Photographers Who Want To Go To Expert Level

Most Of Your Friends Are Our Students. Join Now And Start Learning

Daily 1 Hour One To One Live Online Classes With Slides

Our Vision For Photography Classes

Our Vision Is To Create An Appropriate Platform & Opportunity To Everyone Who Is Passionate To Master The Craft Of Photography. Our Vision Is To Guide A Student From His/Her Inception Phase Of Handling A Camera To The Final Stage Of Generating Income By Using It Professionally.


Our Mission

  • To Give Students The Possibility To Gain Both Technical Skills And Creative Freedom For Personal Visual Expression And Create Finest Photographer Of All Time
  • The Programs Are Designed To Acquire All Current Skills And Techniques Within Professional Photography, Put Them Into Practice And Develop Them Further Into A Coherent Whole.

"We Can Transform “Amateur Photographer” To “Professional Photographer”


Please Read Outlines Of The Course Before Enrolling In This Course

Course Fee : 10,000/- PKR Or 100$

Lecture 01 - Introduction To DSLR Photography (In Urdu In Pakistan)

Training On History, Structure And Anatomy Of DSLR

DSLR Photography Class in Urdu DSLR Image Sensor Sizes Photography Course In Multan Photography Process In DSLRDSLR ShutterJPG File FormatBirds Photography Course Raw File Format

  • Understanding Composition Building Blocks
  • Understanding Camera Types By Image Area (Sensor Size)
  • Understanding Camera Types By Viewing System

    (Reflex Pentamirror And Reflex Pentaprism)
  • Understanding Camera SLT And Point And Shoot Camera Functionality
  • Understanding Range Finder & Electronic View Finder Cameras Functionality
  • Understanding Functionality Of Mobile Phone Cameras
  • Understanding Camera Types By Lens System
  • Understanding Mirrorless Cameras, SLR Cameras And DSLR Cameras
  • Detailed Explanation Of Shutter Types In SLR's And DSLR's With Mechanism
  • (Leaf Shutter, Focal Plane Shutter, Electronic Shutter)
  • Explaining Shutter Speed (Overview)
  • Explaining File Types (JPG And RAW)
  • Brief Overview Of Camera Buffers

Target To Achieve = To Provide A Detail Introduction About Different Types Of Cameras And Advantages Of DSLR Camera



Lecture 02 - Photography Experts Course - Exposure - Shutter Speed (In Urdu In Pakistan)

Training On TV Mode - Time Value Mode - Shutter Speed In Depth

Children Playing In Ground Long Exposure With DSLR Flying Bird With DSLR List Of Shutterspeeds For handHeld ShootingLong Exposure On Road Flying Birds On High Shutter Speed Fireworks On DSLR Trafic Light Trails

  • Introduction To DSLR Photography
  • Introduction To Exposure
  • Understanding How Camera Uses Exposure
  • What Is A Subject ? Object Or Light
  • Understanding Exposure With Reference Of Human Eye
  • History Of Camera And Evolution Of Modern Camera
  • Mechanisms Of Controlling Exposure
  • Controlling Exposure With Shutter Speed
  • Animations To Explain The Shutter Movements
  • What Is F-Stop
  • F-Stops For Shutter Speeds
  • Controlling Light With Shutter Speed (F-Stop)
  • Shutter And Aperture Relationship
  • How To Use Shutter Priority Mode
  • Mechanism Of Camera Shutter Button
  • Understanding F-Stops With Examples
  • Using Shutter Priority Mode For Motion Blur
  • Using Shutter Priority Mode For Freezing Motion
  • Using Program Mode And Time Value (Shutter Priority) Modes
  • Shutter Priority Mode - Reciprocity
  • F-Stops And Third Stops In Shutter Speed
  • Formula To Get Correct Shutter Speed For Handheld Shooting
  • Explaining The BULB Mode And Its Usages In Artistic Photography
  • Why Or Why Not Photographer Should Not Use Tripod
  • Examples Of Shutter Speeds
  • Question And Answer Session For Shutter Speed Photography

Target To Achieve = To Understand How To Control Shutter Speed. To Get Full Control On Program Mode And Shutter Priority Mode And To Enable Yourself To Capture Pictures In Freeze Motion And Motion Blur Conditions.



Lecture 03 - Photography Experts Course - Exposure - Aperture In Depth (In Urdu In Pakistan)

Training On AV Mode - Aperture Value Mode - Aperture In Depth

Shallow Depth Of Field With DSLR Photography Course In Hayderabad Panning Photography Shallow And Deep Aperture Landscape With Deep Field Of Depth Deep Depth Of Field Shallow Field Of Depth

  • What Is Aperture
  • Why We Use Aperture To Control Light
  • What Is Shallow Depth Of Field DOF
  • What Is Deep Depth Of Field
  • Examples Of Shallow Depth Of Field
  • Examples Of Deep Depth Of Field
  • Understanding Shallow And Deep DOP With Practical Demonstration
  • Aperture Size In Terms Of F-stops (Standard F-stops)
  • Aperture Size In Terms Of F-stops (Complete List Of F-stops)
  • Using Aperture Priority Mode To Control Depth Of Field
  • Why We Chose Aperture Over Shutter To Control Light
  • Animation Of Aperture Movement In Camera Lens (Explaining)
  • Explaining Aperture Usage From 1.2 To 32 With Examples
  • Introduction To Aperture And Shutter Speed Relationship
  • Explanation Of Depth Of Field For Landscape Photography
  • Explanation Of Depth Of Field For Portrait Photography
  • Effect Of Depth Of Field With Perspectives
  • Live Preview Of Depth Of Field Before Taking Shot
  • (Explanation) Different Apertures For Object On The Same Distance
  • (Explanation) Same Apertures But Different Distance From The Object
  • (Explanation) Same Apertures, Same Distance But Different Focal Length
  • What Is Bokeh And Effect Of Aperture On Bokeh
  • Explaining Bokeh With Different Examples And Different Focal Lengths

Target To Achieve = To Understand How To Control Aperture And How To Control Sense Of Depth In Your Photos. To Familiarize You With Aperture Priority Mode And How To Drive Viewer's Eyes To Your Subject.



Lecture 04 - Photography Experts Course - Exposure - Working With ISO, White Balance And Metering Modes

Training On ISO, White Balance & Metering Modes

High ISO With Noise In Photo DSLE Camera ISO Menu Nigh Shot With High ISO Photography Course In Lahore Photography Course In Karachi Photography Course In Faisalabad In Urdu Photography Course In Urdu

  • What Is ISO In Digital Photography
  • Film Age And ISO Of Film Roles
  • ISO Display And Funcationality In Different Cameras
  • Defining ISO With Practical Examples
  • Why And When We Need ISO
  • ISO VS Grain (Noise) Detailed Explanation
  • Relationship Between ISO And Shutter Speed Explained
  • Benefits And Damages That ISO Can Apply To Your Photos

    (Pros And Cons Of ISO)
  • Explaining Noise Created By ISO
  • Defining ISO Stops
  • Defining Fractional Stops Of ISO
  • Working With ISO In Low Light Conditions And At Night
  • Aperture - Shutter Speed And ISO Triangle Explained
  • Experimental Example Of Shooting With Low Light Situations
  • What Is White Balance In Digital Cameras
  • Working With White Balance And Camera Presets
  • How To Use Custom White Balance And Its Benefits
  • How Camera's Light Meter Work
  • What Is Meaning Of 18% Gray In Modern DSLR
  • 18% Light Reflection Theory
  • Working With Metering Modes
  • How To Change Metering Modes In Canon And Nikon Cameras
  • Using Metering Modes
  • Using And Explaining Matrix Metering Mode
  • Metering Modes Examples

Target To Achieve = Understanding And Using ISO With Best Practices, Understanding Aperture - Shutter Speed And ISO Relationship, Working With White Balance And Getting A Good Understanding Of Metering Modes



Lecture 05 - Photography Experts Course - Exposure - Exposure Compensation (In Urdu In Pakistan)

Training On Exposure Compensation And Auto Exposure Bracketing And Focusing Techniques

Exposure Compensation Exposure Compensation Of Dark Objects Understanding Histogram Exposure Compensation AEB Exposure Compensation AEB Menu DSLR Drive Mode DSLR Drive Mode menu

  • What Is Exposure Compensation
  • How Exposure Compensation Dial Works In Canon And Nikon
  • How Exposure Compensation Works In Different Priority Modes
  • Detailed Introduction Of Exposure Compensation Tool
  • What Is Normal Exposed, Under Exposed And Over Exposed Image
  • Why We Need To Use Exposure Compensation Setting In Different Circumstances
  • How To Use Exposure Compensation To Maintain Tones In The Pictures
    What Is Histogram
  • How To Use And Understand Histogram To Understand Correct Exposure Of Your Picture
  • Explaining Exposure Compensation With Practical Examples
  • What Is Histogram And How It Works In DSLR
  • Histogram Explanation With Real Life Examples
  • What Is AEB - Auto Exposure Bracketing
  • Why We Use Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB)
  • Benefits Of Auto Exposure Bracketing
  • What Is HDR - High Dynamic Range Photos
  • How To Use Auto Exposure Bracketing With Camera's Drive Mode Feature
  • What Is Focus And What It Means In Terms Of Photography
  • What Types Of Focusing Mechanisms Are In DSLR
  • When And Where We Use Manual Focus And Why
  • What Are Types Of Auto Focus And How We Can Override Camera's Focusing System To Get Better Results
  • How To Change Focusing Points Of DSLR Camera
  • How TO Use Focus And Re-Compose Technique

Target To Achieve = Understanding Exposure Compensation And Relationship With Priority Modes, Tone Maintaining In Pictures With Exposure Compensation, Understanding And Using Histogram And Understanding And Using Auto Exposure Bracketing



Lecture 06 - Photography Experts Course - Exposure - Mastering Manual Mode (In Urdu In Pakistan)

Training On "M" Mode - Full Manual Mode

DSLR Manual Mode Menu Street Photography In manual Mode Manual Mode Camera Dial DSLR in manual Mode Shot In Manual Mode Girl Shooting In manual Mode Portrait In Manual Mode

  • Explaining The Great "M" Manual Mode
  • How Camera Light Meter Works In Manual Mode And Why
  • Understanding Manual Mode And Behavior Of Exposure Compensation Control
  • Manual "Sunny Sixteen Rule" For Shooting Manually In Day Light
  • How To Use Shutter, Aperture And ISO For Different Lighting Conditions In Manual Mode
  • How F-Stops Work In Manual Mode
  • How To Remember The Reciprocal Relationship To Get Best Performance In Manual Mode
  • Detailed Explanation Of Manual Mode With Examples
  • Maintaining Good Exposure With Aperture And Shutter Combination While Maintaining ISO Same
  • Maintaining Good Exposure With Shutter And ISO Combination While Maintaining Aperture Same
  • Maintaining Good Exposure With Aperture And ISO Combination While Maintaining Shutter Speed

Target To Achieve = Understanding And Mastering Manual Mode And Understanding Exposure Triangle For Manual Mode Shooting



Lecture 07 - Photography Experts Course - Exposure - Advance Program Mode (In Urdu In Pakistan)

Training On A-DEP Mode - Advance Program Mode

Picture Styles In DSLR Panning Shot In Manual Mode Dusk Mode Night Mode Picture Style Presets Candel Mode Portrait Mode

  • What Are Custom Modes For Shooting And Configuring Custom Modes
  • What Is A-DEP Mode And Its Functionality
  • Using Program Mode And Using Program Shift In Program Mode
  • Using Program Mode As Aperture Priority And Shutter Priority Mode
  • Utilizing Full Power Of Program Mode
  • Understanding Scene Modes.
  • How Scene Modes Work
  • Why There Are Many Scene Modes On Camera Dial
  • Scene Modes (Portrait Mode, Sports Mode, Candle Light Mode, Dusk Mode, Fireworks Mode)
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Scene Modes
  • DSLR's Built In Image Processing Control
  • Introduction To Post Processing Of Images
  • (Post Processing Is Not Included In This Course)
  • (For Post Processing Understanding And Expert Training You Can Join Our Post Processing Course)
  • Some Examples Of Post Processing

Target To Achieve = To Familiarize You With Different Scene Modes, To Provide You A Solid Grip On Program Mode & Introduction On Post Processing



Lecture 08 - Videography And Cinematography Using DSLR (In Urdu In Pakistan)

How To Create Full HD Cinema Like Videos With DSLR Camera

Frame In A Frame Zoom Blur Pattern Photography Panning Photography Leading Lines Diagonal Lines Monet Technique

  • Explaining Video Mode In DSLR
  • Which Frame Rate We Should Use And Why
  • Shallow And Deep Depth Of Field In Video
  • Advantage In Night Time Shooting In DSLR
  • Video Post Processing Overview
    (Post Processing Is Not Included In This Course)
  • Videography In Manual Mode
  • Formula Of Shutter Speed In Videography
  • How To Solver Over And Under Exposed
  • Use Of Neutral Density Filters In Video Shooting
  • Adjustments Of Picture Styles For Video Shooting
  • Which Lens We Should Use For Video Shooting And Why
  • Lenses For Shooting Fiction Films, Interviews, Music Videos & News

Target To Achieve = To Focus The Photographers Eye On Eye Catching Scenes And Objects And To Enhance Photography To The Next Levels



Lecture 09 - DSLR Maintenance And Day To Day Cleaning And Trouble Shooting (In Urdu In Pakistan)


Complete Training On DSLR Trouble Shooting And Maintenance At Home

Manual Mode Camera Dial
  • DSLR Camera Maintenance And Basic Repairs Explined
  • Topics Can Not Be Explained As It Is A Practical Type Lecture

Target To Achieve = To Completely Master The Cinema Like Video Making Process With Your DSLR Camera



Lecture 10 - Tricks And Guidelines For Photographers (In Urdu In Pakistan)


Training On Tips, Tricks And Guidelines For Better Photography


Panning Photography Nigh Shot With High ISO Photography Process In DSLR Children Playing In Ground Pattern Photography Manual Mode Camera Dial Fireworks On DSLR

  • Available Photography Choices We Have ?
  • Best Available Camera You Have On You
  • Camera Holding Positions To Avoid Camera Shake
  • Developing The Eye Of Photographer
  • How To Identify Your Subject
  • How To Remove All Distracting Elements From Your Photo
  • Composition Rules For Taking Photos - Rule Of Thirds
  • Explanation Of Rules Of Thirds With 20+ Slides
  • Composition Tips And Guidelines - Leading Lines
  • Explanation Of Leading Lines With 10+ Slides
  • Composition Tips And Guidelines - Diagonal Lines
  • Managing Exposure With Metering Mode With Examples
  • How To Use Exposure Compensation In Your Photography
  • Guidelines For Motion Blur, Panning Photography, Long Exposure Photography
  • Portrait Composition Techniques
  • Filling The Frame Concepts Explained
  • Dominant Eye Composition Technique
  • Frame Within A Frame Guidelines
  • Glory Of Pattern Capturing In Photography
  • Shooting Windows And Alphabets For Artistic Photography
  • Explaining Monet Technique With Examples
  • Explaining Zoom Motion Photography With Examples
    (Artistic Photography - Beyond The Scope Of Regular Photographer)
  • Explaining Spinning Motion Photography With Examples
    (Artistic Photography - Beyond The Scope Of Regular Photographer)
  • Benefits Of Using Reflectors And Filters In Photography
  • Benefits Of Using Different White Balances In Different Conditions
  • Macro Photography Basics
  • Benefits Of Using Polarizer And Neutral Density Filters In Photography
  • Working The Scene - A Good Photographic Practice
  • Explaining Working The Scene With An Example Of A Photo Shoot Of Of A Word Class Photographer (Shooting Taj Mahal By Scott Kelby)
  • A Reality Explained – Subject VS Settings
  • Effect Of Photographer’s Mind Set On His Photographs (An Experiment By Canon Team)
  • “A Photograph Is Shaped More By The Person Behind The Camera Than By What’s In Front Of It,”
  • Some Photography Facts
  • And Good Bye

Target To Achieve = To Know Your Camera As A DSLR Expert And To Trouble Shoot Day To Day Problems At Home





And With These 10 Lectures On Mastering Photography Exposure Our Course Ends Here
After Completing This Course, Do More And More Practice And Show Your Images To Us
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Frequently Asked Question

Question : What Is The Duration Of The Course ?
Answer : This Course Consists Of 8 Lectures With More Than 400 Slides Of Presentations. Each Class Can Take 1 To 2 Hours To Complete

Question : What Is The Course Fee ?
Answer : 10,000/- PKR (Individual One On One Online Class On Skype
We Do Not Offer Group Classes

Question : Who Can Join This Course ?
Answer : Any One With An Ambition To Master His/Her Skills Of Photography Can Join This Course Any TIme.

Question : Is This A Beginner Level Course ?
Answer : No - This Is Not A Beginner Level Course. Any One Can Join No Matter What His Experience Level Is. New Photographers Will Get All The Details From Zero To Advance Level And Old Photographers Can Polish Their Skills.
  Question : How To Start This Course ?
Answer : (1) Call Us And Reserve Your Seat For The Course. Class Timing Is From 9 Am To 9 PM (1 Or 2 Hours For Each Class)
(2). Get Bank Account Information From Us And Pay Your Fee In The Bank

Question : How To Pay My Course Fee ?
Answer : You Can Get Bank Details From Us. Just Call Us And We Will Send You Bank Details VIA SMS. Or You Can Visit This Link To Get Details.

Question : Will I Get A Certificate Of Diploma After Completing This Course?
Answer : Yes - You Will Get A Certificate Of Course Completing By National Photographic Society Of Pakistan.

Question : Which Camera Should I Have To Join This Course ?
Answer : Every One With Any Camera Can Join This Course But We Recommend That You Should Have A DSLR Camera (Preferable Canon Or Nikon) Model Does Not Matter

Question : Can I Get Course Slides (Presentations) ?
Answer : This Course Is A Result Of Tireless Hard Work Of National Photographic And Tourism Society Team. These Slides Are Only For Teaching Students Of NPSP And Can Not Be Shared With Any One As These Slide Are The Property Of National Photographic Society Of Pakistan, Though We Will / Can Provide Some Notes As Soft Copy After Each Class To The Students.


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