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Photography Workshops

About National Photographic Society Of Pakistan

National Photographic Society of Pakistan Is An Organization Established By A Group Of Photographers To Promote Photographic Art, As A Means Of Communication, Image Appreciation, Cultural Exchange and to support photographers in realizing their potential, irrespective of their level of knowledge, equipment or skills.

One Day Workshop Details

The One Day Workshop Will Be Aimed To Teach The Basic Principles Of Photography And How To Get The Best From DSLR Camera. We Will Focus On Techniques To Improve Photography Skills In A Very Short Time.

The Workshop Will Start With Preliminary Group Discussion About The Basic Principles Involved In Photography And Understanding Of The DSLR Camera Controls. After The Workshop We Will Be Out On Location To Practice These Techniques That Participants Will Have Learned In The Workshop.

Personal And Practical Help And Advice Will Be Given At Location To Ensure Each Participant Get The Most Out Of Their Equipment And Hopefully Come Back With Images To Be Proud Of.

Workshop Objectives

To Provide Comprehensive knowledge About Photography And DSLR Camera To The Participants of The Workshop.

Topics That Will Be Covered In The Workshop

  • Detailed Introduction Of Photography And DSLR Cameras
  • Explanation Of Shutter Speed. Why And When We Need A Slow Or Fast Shutter Speed
  • Understanding Lens Aperture, Deep Depth Of Field VS Shallow Depth Of Field
  • Complete Understanding Of ISO – Why And When To Use Higher ISO Values And A Brief Description On Low Light Photography
  • Use Of Exposure Compensation Tool In Your Camera In Depth
  • How To Use Aperture Priority Mode, Shutter Mode And Program Mode In DSLR
  • How To Fully Override Camera Controls And operating Camera In Manual Mode
  • How To Use Focus And How To Override Camera’s Focusing System
  • Complete Guide, Tips And Techniques For Better Photography And Composition

Workshop Outcomes

After The Workshop Participants Should Have A Clear Understanding Of The Main Controls Of Their Camera, How They Work And How They Can Be Manipulated To Suit The Circumstances When Shooting On Location.

Participants Will Better Understand The Principles Of Composition And Will Be Making Decisions When On Location To Improve The Look Of Their Images.

Participants Will Understand When & How To Use Fast And Slow Shutter Speeds, Wide And Narrow Aperture, More And Less ISO Settings

Participants Will Also Have A Good Knowledge Of Low Light Photography

Recommended Tools

We Recommend That Participants Should Have Any Kind Of Camera That Have Manual Function And We Highly Recommend That Participants Should Have Any Kind Of DSLR. We Recommend That They Should Have A DSLR Camera (Preferable Canon Or Nikon) Model Does Not Matter.

Our Resource Person’s Profile

Our Resource Persons Have Conducted A Large Number Of Training Workshops On Photography And Have Wide Professional Experience Of Covering Events e.g. Corporate Meetings, Parties, Seminars, Conferences, Functions,  School / College Functions, University Convocations, Press Conferences, Public Meetings, Political Functions, Landscape Photography, Portrait Photography And Product Photography.

Who Can Join This Workshop

This Workshop Is For Every One With Any Kind Of Camera And Interested In improving His / her Photography But Media professionals, Tourists, Journalists, Marketing Professionals, Social Workers, Researchers Can Get A Lot Of benefits From This Workshop To polish Their Skills Of Photography.

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