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Photography: My Passion, My Life, My Creed
My name is Furqan Aziz. By vocation I am a Manager and Administrator but by avocation Nature Photography is my passion.
Photography is not only my fixation but it is a great distinction of my life. To capture the natural beauty in its bloom, to lendthe fleeting moments of life eternity. To tread through the un-treaded places of nature enraptures me. To capture the wonders of Nature lying scattered in God’s universe in my eyes and convey this charm ahead is the greatest purpose of my life as this will pave my way to get the realization of God’s existence.
Through my photography I want to convey a part of me. My all those feelings that are entrenched inside me comes to forefront whenever I seek through natural places. I believe mere camera cannot capture and effect those sensations until you feel them before.
Photography is such a divine creed which projects the deep layers of our personality, our feelings, sensations and our world view.
After all, photography is what I love! It is my way to see life and everything around me.

Name: Furqan LW
Cell No. 03452104253
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Portfolio Gallery Of Furqan LW’s Photography

2 Siri Paye Shogran

My Equipment 

Nikon D90
Canon 60D
Lens 18-55mm 
Lens 70-200 mm
Lens 50 mm
Name Of The Places

1. Ghanche District(ضلع گانچھے)  is the easternmost district of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan.

2. Nagar (نگر) is a valley near Hunza Valley in the Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.

3. Princess of hope Hingol National Park (ہنگول ) covers an area of 1,650 square kilometres (640 sq mi) and is the largest National Park Baluchistan Pakistan.  

4. Attabad Lake, also known as Gojal Lake, is a lake in the Gojal Valley of northern Pakistan created in January 2010 by a landslid dam.

5. Rakaposhi  (راکاپوشی), is a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan. It is situated in the Nagar Valley Nagar District approximately 

Highest point


7,788 m (25,551 ft)

6. keamari karachi

7. Hunza ( ہنزہ) is a mountainous valley in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan.

8. Mirpur Sakro Sindh, Pakistan 

9. Siri Paye Shogran  Kaghan Valley, KPK, Northern Pakistan 

10. Siri Paye Shogran  Kaghan Valley, KPK, Northern Pakistan 

11. Shaltar peak is a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan. It is situated in the Nagar Valley Nagar District approximately 

12. “Nothing is ever lost it just begins again”….Every sunrise is the beginning of new journey this picture shows the hope and faith 

of beautiful flying birds for (Mirpur Sakro Sindh, Pakistan) 

13. (Celebration of Hope and happiness) Mirpur Sakro Sindh, Pakistan 

14.  Kiwai Waterfall Mansehra District, KPK, Northern Pakistan 

15. Karakoram range (سلسلہ کوہ قراقرم) is a large mountain range spanning the borders between PakistanIndia and China, located in the regions of Gilgit–Baltistan Pakistan

16. Shangrila Lake or Lower Kachura Lake is a part of the Shangrila resort located at a drive of about 20 minutes from Skardu town.

17. Glacier behind Sost dry port Karakoram Highway. 

18. Karakoram Highway Gilgit Baltistan.

19. Shangrila Lake or Lower Kachura Lake is a part of the Shangrila resort located at a drive of about 20 minutes from Skardu town.

20. Khaplu Palace (Urduخپلو محلBaltiتھوقسی کھر), locally known as Yabgo Khar (meaning “The fort on the roof“), is an old fort and palace located in Khaplu, in the Baltistan region of Pakistan administered Kashmir.

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I Established My Own Company "Pak Eagle Enterprises" In 1998. At Pak Eagle Enterprises (PakEagle.Com) We Provide Web Hosting, Web Development, Software Development, Distance Learning Facilities, Forex Training And Much More. Photography Is Not Only My Hobey But I Also Inherited It From My Father. After Buying My First DSLR, I Got Photography Training From Many International Photography Teachers And I Have Been Teaching Photography Since 2010. I Am A Network Engineer By Profession And Photography Is My Only Hobey.

  • taslim khan

    marvelous photography,it seems that photographer Furqan LW involved very deeply and showing very interest.Pakistan needs such photographers to promote nature photography like this.

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